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Bachelor Jake Pavelka Shows Us A Hint Of Penis Head!

Jake Pavelka has been in the news lately with hints at homosexuality (maybe him and Tom Hardy are the one’s getting it on) and in the above picture he obviously wanted to show us he’s been working on his beautifully tan abs. But I can also see what I swear appears to be the beginning of a wee… If you have any bulges of Jake’s please send them to Thanks!

Nick Carter’s HUGE Bulge! (With Animated GIF)

The Backstreet Boys’ very own Nick Carter must have the giantest penis of them all. I know I just made up the word giantest but that’s because that’s how big it really must be. Here are two images from concerts in which he’s made it a POINT to show off just how big his bulge is. Now I’m waiting for a sextape so if one of you females out there want to get on that! LITERALLY.

More Kellan Lutz Bulge (With Animated GIF!)

Kellan Lutz must surely know he packs quite the cockaroni! Every time he walks his dogs he makes sure to a) not wear underwear and b) make sure his penis head is as visible as possible. These images surely leave nothing much to the imagination in regards to the cut penis under those mesh-shorts! However famous Kellan Lutz gets lets hope and pray he doesn’t bother hiring a dog walker!

BRAND New Images of Russell Brand In His Underwear!

While I think Russell Brand is ugly as fuck I couldn’t resist posting these recent photos of him in his underwear. First of all I would like to point out that I think he’s definitely stuffed the front of those undies because where’s the penis head!? Also, I’ve seen pictures online of his penis and it’s nowhere close to that big! Secondly, why did he shave - the only appeal he had was his body hair, with it all shaved off I just have to be reminded of how ugly his mug actually is!

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